Daniel Pizzata in Robots in Depth #13 Sponsor: Aptomica.com Host: Per Sjöborg

Daniel Pizzata talks about how his passion for modular robotics has driven him to start Modbot, a company building a robotics platform and creating a community. The goal of Modbot is to bring robots out of the research labs and make them accessible to everyone. Host: Per Sjöborg, Robots in Depth #13 supported by http://www.aptomica.

Daniel started out in the defense sector in Australia using robotics to measure radio transmissions. He worked on many different projects, but felt that he wanted to work with technology that was more widely applicable in society, and follow his ambitions.

Daniel also talks about how he met his co-founder Adam Ellison and how they had the idea of a platform and a community that could widen the range of people that are able to develop robotics and automation solutions. This turned out to be a life-changing journey with many intense moments and amazing experiences.

Daniel then shares how living on floor 7½ in the mezzanine corridor was one of the interesting aspects of moving to San Fransisco to pursue his dream of starting Modbot.

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