Aseem Prakash in Robots in Depth #14 Sponsor: Host: Per Sjöborg

Aseem Prakash talks about how we can prepare for co-existing with robots & AI. What will the future with robots look like & how can we prepare to maximize the benefit Host: Per Sjöborg, Robots in Depth #14 supported http://www.aptomica.

Aseem, who is a Futurist at the Center for Innovating the Future, talks about a future with robots, rather than the future of robotics.

He also talks about studying how tomorrow unfolds and develop a strategy that will help us adapt to new technologies and how we best integrate them in our lives, private or professional.

Aseem then brings up the risk of not preparing, keeping up to date with what is happening and thinking about how these developments will affect your business or organization.

He ask the question, when we co-exist with 5-10 or even hundreds of robots and smart systems, what will that look like? A very important question that everyone needs to answer for themselves privately as well as in their business, and that we as a society have to answer collectively.

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