Erin Rapacki in Robots in Depth #12 Sponsor: Host: Per Sjöborg

Erin Rapacki talks about how the FIRST robotics competition was a natural and inspiring way into robotics and onward into her career in robotics. Host: Per Sjöborg, Robots in Depth #12 supported by

Erin talks to Per about her work in marketing for several startups. They discuss selling points, including examples from different industries, and marketing for launching a robotics product. Erin also shares her insights on telepresence robots from working with Beam and her game plan for starting a new company based on robotics technology.

In this interview, we get Erin’s perspective on IOT and robotics being the next wave of startups and that venture capital is adapting to the difference between web and app investments on one hand and hardware and IOT/robotics on the other.

Erin thinks that robotics will be introduced in specific verticals and that the service industry will be early adopters. We also find out about how the robot loving customer is her biggest problem!

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