Dan Kara in Robots in Depth #11 Sponsor: Aptomica.com Host: Per Sjöborg

Dan Kara talks about how a trip to Japan made him start Robotics Trends & RoboBusiness. He also shares his views on what is going on in robotics. Host: Per Sjöborg, Robots in Depth #11 supported by http://www.aptomica.com.

Like many others, Dan found robotics early in science fiction. When he was looking for a new challenge, having left the IT industry, a trip to Robodex in Japan inspired him to start Robotics Trends & RoboBusiness.

We hear how the focus has shifted from military applications in the early 2000s to more and more consumer focused progress.

Agility in production is also discussed as consumer demand pushes manufacturers to refocus from large scale production of similar items to more customer focused production.

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