Peter Corke in Robots in Depth #16 Sponsor: Host: Per Sjöborg

Peter Corke is well known for his work in computer vision and has written one of the books that define the area. We get to hear about his long and interesting journey into giving robots eyes to see the world. Host: Per Sjöborg, Robots in Depth #16 supported by

In this interview, Peter talks about how serendipity made him build a checkers playing robot and then move on to robotics and machine vision. We get to hear about how early experiments with “Blob Vision” got him interested in analyzing images and especially moving images.

The interview ends with Peter adding a new item to the CV, fashion model, when he shows us the ICRA 2018 T-shirt!

You can find Peters book here:
On his web site you can also find many useful resources, including the MOOC Robot Academy, his Robotics Toolbox and the Machine Vision Toolbox

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